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Each box will bring you a mindful moment. Learn to care for plants and how they can care for you. We always include products from unique independent partners to match the theme. No one box is the same and each box is as good as the last.


This box was your monthly reminder to appreciate the great outdoors. We grew the mini-herb garden this month ourselves which is a Mind, Body & Soil first! Our little planter included rosemary, sage & thyme potted in a rather stylish concrete planter. Vespucci Adventures added one of their free guided walks and all of this was washed down with a 50cl bottle of non-alcoholic Pentire Seaward and some tonic water from Fever Tree. Garnish with grapefruit and rosemary from your brand new mini-herb garden.


As autumn arrived we wanted to teach you how to preserve your own veg at home. Good for the planet, your gut health and deliciously satisfying, keeping your veg going for longer is easy. We had a very autumnally coloured croton (she’s called Chrissy), accompanied by your own preserving jar, an environmentally friendly turtle bag for your foraging trips, some cider vinegar from Sandford Orchards, a mini-cucumber and a lovely legged pot. Gill Meller helped us pull together a scruptious pickled cucumber recipe…time to get in a pickle.


We enlisted the help of a pro this month to introduce members to the hidden power of breathing. Stuart Sandeman is the founder of Breathpod, Author and Radio 1 DJ. Stuarts journey of discovery with breath is remarkable, and our box was just a small taster of its healing powers. Connie, the air-purifying Calathea, was joined by Mind Spa bath salts and aromatherapy balm from the amazing family-run Clarity Blend. We also included a HUGE 50% discount to Stuarts new book; Breathe In, Breathe Out and a 30 minute exclusive live class with the man himself…aaand breathe.


July was plastic-free and a scorcher. We brought you a refreshing box focussed on your bathroom. Our Pothos was bringing the jungle vibes in its hanging macrame pot and our lead partner grüum added their essential shampoo bar, truthbrush added a bamboo toothbrush and Beauty Kitchen added a sisal loofah for scrubbing. This box was clean, green and plastic free and brought you the ultimate planty refresh.


With the British summer being as elusive as ever, we thought we would bring the sunshine this month and help you set up the perfect summer soireè. Our gorgeous peackock plant was in a summery yellow pot. Our products this month will make any table shine. We had HAY’s mesmerising spiral candles and their Spot Votive tealight holders. We hope it helped you soak up the sun!


This month we wanted to hone in on the benefits of learning a new skill. Bernie the Bay Tree brought the flavour & Pasta Evangelists provided a pasta making kit complete with semolina flour and sea salt. Head Chef roberta conducted a live cook-along and we served up some bay-infused deliciousness paired with a discounted Italian wine from Vintner…bellissimo!


This box was a celebration of a mighty pollinator, the bee. Alongside Larry the lavender in a gorgeous blue ceramic pot, our goodies championed sustainability and an appreciation of nature, with produce like honeycomb and bee balm from the wonderful London Honey Company, a sweet smelling bespoke lavender candle and a seedball mix to create the perfect environment for this glorious pollinator.


With Spring upon us and the end of lockdown looming, this box was designed to highlight the benefits of the great outdoors. Sitting alongside our floriferous Azalea (She’s called Lea) and her Yellow Elho pot were the dream goodies for the great outdoors. A guided walk from Vespucci Adventureshydration from One Green Bottle, an immune boost from Bioonics and our first ever own brand bags. We hope it got you up and out there! 


Designed to help you create the perfect nook at home. After a quick freshen up courtesy of Cornish Milk, curl up on a Sunday afternoon with Peter the Ctenanthe and his lovely pink Elho pot and a mouthwatering candle from Chelsea Candles. From doing your own Van Gogh puzzle to diving into Willow Crossley’s stunning new book, we hope we inspired some cosy moments. We really loved this one!

Our Box Promises

Meaningful year-round plants & never too many of them.

Our packs are a curated collection of plants with relevant produce and goodies. We give you everything you need, little gifts and complementary digital packs teaching you about the monthly theme. We will not flood you with plants you might not love.

Always everything you need, for any home.

Our bundles are designed to fit snugly into any home or blend in beautifully into your garden; whether you have a flat, garden, balcony, windowsill or just a bedside table. You will never need to buy anything in addition to our bundles to enjoy them, we promise.

Freshness & great value.

We select what goes in our packs very carefully by working with independent UK growers and businesses. Only quality seasonal plants, ethically sourced and sustainable packaging is a must, and each box will always be worth more than £29.99!

Free delivery, cancel any time.

We are pretty sure you will love our plant bundles…and delivery is included in our prices. You can cancel at any time, no strings attached.